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Tammy Borden, speaker and author, shares her love for people and their Creator through heart-gripping stories and anecdotal life lessons, offering hope, healing, and a bit of humor along the way. She has a knack for finding meaning and significance in the everyday situations of life, especially through nature.

Her zeal for gardening borders on obsession, and she loves sharing her horticultural wisdom, but you’ll have a hard time getting her to share her hostas. Tammy is deeply in love with Paul, her husband of 27 years. Together, they enjoy exploring the deep north woods, going for drives along back country roads, and taking long Sunday afternoon naps — not necessarily in that order.

Tammy also has performed her original music throughout her home state of Wisconsin. Professionally, she has helped others write and tell their own stories through various articles, books, and blogs. This time, it’s her turn.

In her latest book, A Perennial Life, Tammy Borden invites you to newly discover who you are and, more importantly, who God truly is so you can let go of past regrets and experience the abundant life you’re meant to live. Through heart-gripping true stories, playful humor, raw confessions, and transparent admissions of life’s deepest longings, she’ll help you embrace and redeem your own story — your seasons of life — so you can transform, grow, and unveil the significant purpose your heart longs for.

“You truly have a gift of words, and they flow in how you write and speak.” — Kathy

“I absorbed Tammy’s words deep into my heart.” — Jan

“My heart connected with so many of the things she lived through, which resonated with my own story.” — Mary

Available to speak* for your:
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*Faith-based and non-faith-based talks are available to accommodate your special needs.